hot broccoli cheddar dip

Simply Great Gatherings

Big wins for your game-day gatherings.

Having people over to watch the game? Before you spend hours in the kitchen, make a run for takeout or just open a few bags of chips, check out these recipes for game-day nibbles. Fair warning: you just might have to crank up the volume to hear the TV over all the “oohs” and “ahhs".

Hot Broccoli Cheddar-Bacon Dip

What’s a party without hot, cheesy dip? This one kicks things off with our Broccoli Cheddar Soup, scores points with extra cheese and brings it all home with smoky bacon.

Tex Mex Spoonbread Bites

Just two ingredients and 15 minutes is all it takes to whip up these poppable bites. And it’s all thanks to our Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Skip the wings and go for this cheesy combination of our Mac & Cheese and spicy buffalo chicken. It’s a combination of classic game-day flavors ready in just 5 mintues.

Southwest Chorizo Mac & Cheese

More cheese? Yes, please. This time it’s our Mac & Cheese, spicy chorizo sausage, black beans and more southwestern ingredients that give this dish its kick.

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