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Panera All the Tastes of Fall Table

Fall is a busy season for most of us, with many juggling more at home than ever before. So the last thing you want to worry about is getting lunch and dinner on the table. Whatever your schedule, you can quickly pull together a fall-friendly meal with Panera at Home. Our Soups, Mac & Cheese, Dressings and Sliced Breads are easy to pick up while grocery shopping and to keep on hand for a delicious, fresh-tasting fall flavor any time you or your family are craving it. Then, you can focus on checking your kids' homework, the next video conference call, your virtual cook club …

Panera Thanksgiving and Holiday Sides with new packaging

The thought of preparing a multi-course holiday meal can be overwhelming any year. Thankfully, you can create a spread of hearty, delicious sides with Panera‘s line of cafe-inspired grocery products and easy-to-make recipes created by Panera chefs. Most recipes are easy to prepare in advance. So, whether you want a new dish to start your meal or to finish it, we have tasty ideas for you. 

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Enjoy Cinco de Mayo all year long with Mexican-inspired meal ideas that the whole family will love.
all the tastes of fall

What do you give the foodie who has everything? A gift you made with your own two hands.

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Simply Great Gatherings

From our kitchen, to yours

We love those irresistible dishes that make holiday meals even more special. Whether their recipes are known by heart, or you’re experimenting with something new, ‘tis the season to make delicious memories with your loved ones.
Panera Holiday Apps with new packaging

Simply Great Gatherings

A holiday they’ll remember.

Holidays are all about food, no matter how big or small the number of people around the table. With our Panera chef-created ideas for festive appetizers featuring our soups, dressings and more – all available where you buy groceries – this year’s festivities will be remembered for flavorful morsels more than anything else.
Bread Loaves with Sandwich
At Panera, we love baking bread. And, we’ve always believed that wholesome, great-tasting bread is baked with only high-quality ingredients.
all of our products are 100 percent clean

That’s not something you see very often. But it’s true for all Panera bakery-cafe inspired grocery products – our refrigerated Soups, Mac & Cheese and Dressings, and our Coffee, Sliced Breads and Artisan Breads, Toppings and more. All our products are Clean - made without the artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or and colors from artificial sources detailed on our No No List.

Panera Salad and Soup pairing

As the weather warms, you’re probably ready to step back from the heavy dishes of winter and nosh on meals that’ll leave you with more of a spring in your step. These delicious combinations of soups, salads and sandwiches are perfect for the...

Panera dressing sheet pan recipes

When you find that perfect combination of crisp greens, flavorful toppings, and your favorite dressing, it’s salad bliss—but there are so many more ways to love salad dressings, no salad required.