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Swoon-worthy gifts for coffee lovers

What do you give the foodie who has everything? A gift you made with your own two hands.

‘Tis the season for gatherings of friends and family, and sweet treats shared ‘round the table. The following recipes do double duty: they’re perfect for entertaining, or wrap them in wax paper in a pretty gift box tied with ribbon and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind, made-by-you gift they’ll love. Best of all, they all start with one thing: Panera Bread Ground Coffee.


Hazelnut Coffee & Chocolate Truffles

Perhaps the most easily giftable of them all, these decadent truffles are made with our Hazelnut Crème Ground Coffee. From their I-spent-hours-in-the-kitchen appearance (they really only take about 30 minutes) to their spectacular taste, they’re sure to impress anyone on your list.


Salted Coffee Caramels

Three words practically guaranteed to make your mouth water. This recipe brings together just the right amount of sweetness and the deep, bold flavor of our Salted Caramel Ground Coffee to make a dessert that’s pure, buttery magic. While they take a bit longer than our usual meal-in-minutes to make, one bite and you’ll agree—some things are worth the wait.


Coffee Shortbread

Coffee + shortbread, sure. But coffee in shortbread? Oh yes. These crisp cookies made with our Light Roast Ground Coffee take only 30 minutes from start to finish and go deliciously with—you guessed it—more coffee. Pop a few in a festive gift bag, tie with ribbon and drop in a fun mug for an easy, go-to gift for your favorite coffee fan.


Tiramisu Mousse Dip

While this last one may not be so practical for gift-giving, it’s definitely a hit for entertaining. A luscious mousse with the rich taste of tiramisu, this dip is a flavorful, crowd-pleasing ending to your holiday meal. Make it with our Dark Roast Ground Coffee and be ready: after their first taste, your guests will be clamoring for this dessert every year.

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