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Add whole grains by the slice

Trying to get more whole grains into your diet? Now there are three new breads to help you achieve your goal—and each one makes a wholesome choice for serving up sandwiches, toasts, and spreads at home.

Everybody’s talking about whole grains, but you may be wondering what makes a whole grain whole? A whole grain is any grain with its essential parts—the bran, germ and endosperm—still present.

With the nutrients and fiber inherent in the bran and germ (removed in the milling process for refined grains), whole grains are an important part of a well-balanced diet. They can provide a number of dietary benefits—but most adults don’t eat enough of them. Striving to get at least 48 grams of whole grain a day is the target, according to the 2010 U.S. dietary guidelines.

So how can you get more whole grains in your diet? One easy way is substituting foods made with whole grains for those that are primarily made with refined grains.

With three new delicious varieties of whole grain breads, Panera at Home makes these nutritious switches easier than ever. In just two slices of our Rustic White, Ancient Grains or 100% Whole Wheat breads, you’ll add between 24 and 40 grams of whole grains to your daily intake. That puts you well on your way toward meeting the 48 gram target.

Look for Panera at Home Whole Grain sliced breads wherever you buy groceries in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions —and read on for more reasons to love every slice.

Made with whole wheat flour. It’s the first (and most prevalent) grain ingredient in each of our new breads. And, our 100% Whole Wheat bread is made with sprouted whole wheat flour.  Sprouted grains retain more nutrients and are more easily digested than other grains.*

Look for the Whole Grains Council 50%+ stamp. It certifies that at least half of the grain ingredients are whole grains, with at least 8 grams per serving.

100% Clean, with No High Fructose Corn Syrup Just like the food found in Panera bakery-cafes, our grocery products have no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or colors from artificial sources.

Any way you slice it. From the sprouted grains in the 100% Whole Wheat bread, to the blend of amaranth, millet and more in our Ancient Grains, there’s something to love about each of our new varieties, and a flavor fit for every sandwich.

*Source: Whole Grains Council

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