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Mmmm. There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee in your kitchen on a busy morning—well, except the taste of that first sip.

Panera invites you to start every day fantastic. Responsibly sourced and expertly roasted, our 100% Arabica coffee delights the senses whether you need to jump start your morning or want to sit back, sip and relax.
You know Panera for craveable food and beverages in our cafes and our cafe-inspired line of grocery products. We take great pride in the quality and craft of the food we serve and make sure the same goes for our coffee.
We offer our coffee in 12oz bags of ground coffee and in cartons of convenient single-serve brewer cups, all available online and in grocery stores near you. With six roast and flavor varieties to choose from, some bakery-cafe matches, some bakery-cafe inspired, it’ll be hard to pick favorite. So may we suggest you try them all!

Dark Roast
Bold, Intense, Full-bodied. Start your day strong.

Light Roast
Bright, Balanced, Mellow. The morning multi-tasker.

Hazelnut Crème
Smooth, Rich, Nutty. Perfect for your morning ritual or afternoon break.

Balanced, Sweet, Smooth. Everyday brew full of playful flavor.

Rich, Sweet, Buttery. A delightful daily decadence.

Madagascar Vanilla
Fragrant, Creamy, Sweet. Great with breakfast or as an afternoon treat.

And once you’ve stocked up, here are some fun ways to enjoy Panera coffee outside the mug:
•    Coffee Caramels – A recipe made for sharing, these sweet treats get their bold flavor from our Caramel coffee.
•    Coffee Shortbread – Our Light Roast is baked right in to give these cookies an infusion of coffee flavor.
•    Hazelnut Coffee Parfaits – Layers and layers of decadence with our signature coffee flavor as the hero.
•    Coffee Granita – Simple, versatile, refreshing. And did we mention delicious?

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