Autumn Squash Casserole on plate

Savvy Shortcuts

Leftover makeovers: easy meal ideas for the week after


Don’t let leftovers languish—with these simple ideas, your Thanksgiving can keep giving…and giving.

 After another delicious Thanksgiving meal, you might be less than excited by the sight of your leftover-filled fridge in the days that follow. But with these quick and easy recipes, you can turn that turkey into a memorable meal.


Autumn Squash Casserole

Sub leftover turkey for the chicken in this recipe, toss in your leftover veggies like peas, carrots, corn and beans and a bowl of our Autumn Squash Soup, and you’ve got a seasonal sensation in 30 minutes.


Skillet Pot Pie

A pot pie with no pie crust and Thanksgiving leftovers? Yes, please. This reinvented classic made with our Baked Potato Soup comes together in only 15 minutes. 


Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

Twenty minutes and your leftover turkey and veggies are all it takes to turn this savory side made with our Mac & Cheese into a hearty main dish.


Santa Fe Turkey & Quinoa Skillet

Had your fill of Thanksgiving flavors? Turn your turkey into something totally different when you sub it for the chicken in this southwest skillet. All it takes is 25 minutes, a package of our Chicken Tortilla Soup and a few other ingredients.


Greek Panzanella

Still full from Thursday’s meal? This airy salad featuring your favorite Panera freshly baked bread, a bottle of our Greek Dressing and leftover turkey, could be just the thing to make your mouth water.


Balsamic Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

Try this twist on a Thanksgiving-leftover classic using turkey, our Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, your Panera bread of choice and some cranberry sauce and toasted pecans.

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