Warm Brussel Sprout Bulgar Salad

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Warm Brussels Sprout & Bulgur Salad

Salads, American, Calorie Conscious, Sodium Conscious

  • 20 minutes
  • 4 servings

If you like apples and crunchy Brussels sprouts this dish is for you. Parmesan cheese, bulgur and bacon round out the ingredients for this unique flavor experience. Top with our Honey Mustard Dressing and you have a salad that everyone will enjoy.


  1. Bring 1/2 cup water to a rolling boil, add bulgur, remove from heat, cover and let soak at least 15 minutes.  
  2. Cook bacon in large skillet over medium heat until browned and crispy, about 6 minutes. Drain on paper towel lined plate and discard all but 1 tbsp. fat from pan.  
  3. Return pan to stove and increase heat to high. Toss in shredded sprouts and cook, stirring frequently until just starting to wilt, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and add dressing and vinegar.
  4. Add cooked bulgur, cheese, diced apple, cooked bacon, a sprinkle of salt and freshly ground black pepper and toss well.  

Or, Try This

  • If you're making a vegetarian version or using turkey bacon/bacon bits, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in skillet before adding the Brussels sprouts.  
  • For a vegetarian version, substitute toasted pepitas or sunflower seeds for the bacon.

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