Panera Poppy Seed Dressing recipes

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For the love of poppyseed


If there’s one item on the entire Panera menu that gets the most attention, it’s the Strawberry Poppyseed with Chicken Salad. It’s only available in the warm-weather months, and it’s always a cafe favorite. If you consider yourself a fan, you’ve just got to give our Poppyseed Dressing a try at home, too.

Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad

About as close as you can get to the cafe favorite, this make-it-at-home version uses fresh fruit, grilled chicken breast and Panera Poppyseed Dressing.


Cucumber & Strawberry Salad

Ready to try something new? The combination of strawberries and Panera Poppyseed Dressing may seem familiar, but the addition of cucumber, onion and feta cheese give this salad a delicious twist.


Crunchy Broccoli Salad

This simple recipe takes only 10 minutes to throw together, but has remarkable depth of flavor with its tasty combination of broccoli, dried cranberries, cheddar cheese and, of course, Panera Poppyseed Dressing. Bring it to your next summer get together for a guaranteed hit.


Very Berry Avocado Salad

Summer’s best flavors (plus, you guessed it, Panera Poppyseed Dressing) meet in this fresh and flavorful salad. With creamy avocado, fresh berries and feta cheese, it’s a just-right combination of sweet and savory that’s sure to keep them coming back for more. Try it topped with grilled chicken, shrimp or salmon, too.


Tangy Mango Poppyseed Salsa

A fruit salsa with a spicy kick! Panera Poppyseed Dressing and fresh mango help balance the heat in this versatile appetizer. Try it with chips, or use it to top grilled fish, chicken or pork, or serve on fresh greens for a salad.

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