Asian Chicken Chopped Salad

A bowl of crisp deliciousness

Asian Chicken Chopped Salad

Salads, Main Dish, Asian, Calorie Conscious, Sodium Conscious

  • 10 minutes
  • 4 servings

This Asian Chicken Chopped Salad gets its cred from our tangy Asian Sesame Vinaigrette and hoisin sauce dressing.  Toss with grilled chicken and veggies for a bowl of crisp deliciousness.


  1. Combine shredded cabbage, carrots, green onions, sliced almonds and grilled chicken strips in a large bowl. Set aside.
  2. Combine dressing and hoisin sauce in a small bowl. Add to salad and toss to coat. Garnish with cilantro, if desired.

Or, Try This

  • Roll up in a multigrain wrap and pair with our Asian Chicken Noodle Soup for a quick and tasty supper.
  • Look for packaged shredded cabbage and carrot blend for an even speedier meal.
  • Toast the almonds to deepen their rich, earthy flavor.
  • Store cilantro in the refrigerator in a jar with about 1” of water and covered with a plastic bag. It’ll keep up to 3 weeks.   

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