cobb salad with ranch

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The creamy dressing duo we’ve all been waiting for.


Whether you dip, dunk, drizzle or dollop, one thing is for sure: Americans love Ranch and Blue Cheese dressings, and now you can enjoy Panera’s delicious versions at home, all made without the use of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or colors from artificial sources.


First, our NEW Blue Cheese

Bring a burst of flavor to your table with our chunky Blue Cheese dressing, made with hand-crafted, small-batch blue cheese crumbles from Wisconsin. It’s perfectly balanced by its smooth, creamy buttermilk finish. Equally good as dressing or dip, it complements your greens, wings and everything in between.


Make it a creamy duo – with our Ranch

Made with creamy buttermilk as the very first ingredient and traditional ranch seasonings, our Ranch has a bright, fresh flavor.  It contains only clean, high-quality ingredients that you can feel good about serving, making it totally kid friendly.  And, it’s a great way to sneak vegetables into any snack or meal.


Ready to bring Panera's Ranch and Blue Cheese dressings home? Look for all of our clean Panera at Home Dressings in the refrigerated produce area, next to the lettuce, wherever you shop for groceries. Then try these fun and flavorful ideas:


 For dipping and dunking

  • Cut fresh veggies (like carrots, celery and bell peppers) into sticks and place in a small cup after pouring in a dippable amount of our Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing to create your own little crudité cups for the perfect party snack or some extra fun any day.
  • Dunk your favorite chicken wings to get that just-right balance of spicy hot and creamy coolness.
  • Make your own dippable veggie tray with cherry tomatoes, snap peas, baby carrots and broccoli.


 For drizzling

  • Dress your salad of choice. We recommend our classic cobb or this vegetable chopped salad recipe.
  • Drizzle over a plate of french fries. Make them even more crave-worthy with melted cheese and bits of bacon.


 For dolloping

  • Try a spoonful atop a bowl of creamy Panera Mac & Cheese to add tangy spice.
  • Drop a dollop on a baked potato in place of sour cream.


For when you feel like exploring something new and perhaps a bit unexpected, try our creamy duo in some of our favorite recipes for Chipotle Chicken and Ranch Flatbread, BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese or Mexican-Style Ranch Street Corn.

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