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All-Natural Roasted Turkey

All-Natural Roasted Turkey

Fully cooked and simply seasoned, our tender sliced turkey is ready to serve out of the package or in your favorite recipes, salads and sandwiches. No preservatives or artificial ingredients. Raised without antibiotics, as served in our bakery-cafes. Slow-cooked sous vide to seal in juices and nutrients.

All natural. No preservatives.

So many ways to enjoy All-Natural Roasted Turkey at home

From flavorful salads and sandwiches to delicious make-again meals, try these time-saving meal ideas.

Harvest Grain Salad with Turkey

Dried fruits, nuts and grains can make any salad sing. Wholesome and delicious, this seasonal favorite has all the ingredients for a satisfying meal or an appetizing side salad. 

Turkey Pot Pie

Who says you need pie crust to make pot pie? This timesaving take on a homemade classic is all about delicious ingredients. Serve with a croissant quarter to soak up all that deliciousness. 
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